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This can have a great impact on your journey and how you get to where you intend to go. You may have to go beyond what the eyes can see in a situation to determine how to respond authentically. While we might usually think of bombs as a destructive force, often when explosions happen in your dreams, it shows that you are experiencing or ready for major change. Lennox advises looking at the specific context in which a bomb detonates, and how effectively it destroys its target. Another classic dream scenario is the feeling of showing up for an exam and realizing you are totally unprepared for it.

Having the unprepared-for-an-exam dream is also the sign of something positive: you are a high performer who is used to working hard and doing things right.

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Of course, it may be that you actually do need a toilet, and your dreams will alert you to this fact with dreams of water or in which you are seeking out a bathroom in vain. So it may just be that you need to wake up and hit the head before you wet the bed. Dreams can sometimes torment you with images of you accused of a crime or having committed murder or a less serious breach of the law.

As you begin to explore one talent, you often start to become aware of other possibilities for using your unique abilities. The result might be that you dream of losing your teeth. He says that a candle can indicate the beginning of some important event or relationship in our life or a sense of creative richness.

Of course, if the candle is blown out, it can mean the end of something. Images of a farm or cowboys can indicate that you have a self-reliant nature. Owning a farm connects to how responsible you are to your self-nurturing and perhaps the dependence of others upon you for such needs.

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It can be difficult to service all these obligations and it can become very easy for you to start to feel out of balance. Alex Palmer.

Dream Dictionary | Free Horoscopes & Astrology by

Healthy slow cooker suppers low in calories. Drake followed Jagmeet Singh on Instagram right after Rihanna. Ad Microsoft. WISE i was wondering if all the things that i read about were true because a lot of people where testifying about his good work, But since i was desperate to get my lover back i had no choice than to contact him And to my greatest surprise i was able to get a positive result that got me shocked because my lover called me within 48hours that i contacted him. I've got a ten foot boa constrictor that eats live chickens and rats!

Chickens are so damn dumb!

What Does It Mean When You Dream Someone Is Trying To Kill You And Your Family?

I drop a chicken into the snake's cage, and the stupid chicken stands still for a brief period then it starts pecking at little bits on the cage floor. The my beautiful boa, Erki, slowly begins to raise her head, edging closer to the ugly, stupid chicken, the chicken starts to panic, then in a flash my boa snares the chicken while the chicken is squawking and kicking one of its legs.

Soon the squawking begins to slowly mute. The ugly chicken's beak is wide open and it's face is turning blue from the strangulation. My boa begins to slowly ingest its tasty chicken dinner. All of this talk makes me want to go to my local KFC's 24 hour drive up and order their five piece original recipe! By brit, Wednesday, June 15, PM As a teenager I had a dream there was little bearded old man standing at my bedroom door with a snake in a sack.

He released the snake and it went under my bed, I was instantly awake from this point and ran to the bathroom where I had to spend the next hour calming myself enough to return to bed. I never had this dream again but remember it vividly. By Wanda, Sunday, June 05, PM About a month ago I dreamt of a brown snake inching towards me on the floor of a small room. What does that symbolize?

Featured Dreams

By Sophia, Thursday, March 05, AM My mother have always told me that when somebody dreams of getting bitten by a snake, it means that they are pregnant. The morning I woke up to the snake bite dream, I took a pregnancy test. I was shocked to find out that it came out positive. I gave birth to my first child who is now 4 years old. By Sheryl, Monday, October 27, AM I had a dream just last night of being in a situation where I was the owner of a home or renter of a homes with 3 or more bedrooms.

I had several people from my past come to stay there with me without being invited.

What Do Your Dreams Mean?

I found myself telling these people to leave, that I didn't want them there living with me. Native American. To see a Native American in your dream represents the instinctual and uninhibited aspect of your character. You desire more freedom from cultural and society restraints.

Native Country.

To dream about your native country means that you are recognizing your roots and where you came from. You are also reflecting on the decisions you have made along the way and what you have accomplished. To see the nativity in your dream indicates that you have made a startling new discovery about yourself and your capabilities. It also points to the importance of spiritual enlightenment and inner strength as opposed to material richness. To dream of nature denotes freedom, tranquility, restoration, and renewal. You are utilizing your instinctual nature.

To dream that you have nausea suggests that you are suffering from a situation or condition in which you are trying to escape from. To see a nautilus in your dream reflects your tenacity. You don't let go of what's yours and don't give up. Alternatively, dreaming of a nautilus indicates that you have a good handle of a situation.

If you dream of a nautilus in your mouth, then it means that you need to keep your mouth shut about something. To see your navel in your dream represents your being and self. The dream may indicate that you need to find your center and middle ground. Alternatively, to dream of your navel signifies the bonding to their mother. To dream that you or someone has a navel piercing denotes your deep connection with your mother. Perhaps the dream is telling you to reconnect with your mother or that you need to be in touch with your maternal instincts. To dream that you are in the Navy symbolizes your need for organization, discipline and structure in your life.

Navy blue color represents a lack of individuality and creativity. To see a Nazi in your dream represents an evil and merciless force that cannot be reasoned with. You feel that others are putting you down. If you are a Nazi sympathizer, then the dream has the opposite significance. Near Death Experience. To have a near death experience in your dream implies that you are experience a relapse of sorts. You are reverting back to your old habits and ways. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are being given a second chance or second try at something. To dream that you are nearsighted indicates that your efforts and energies are too focused on short term goals and not on preparing for the long term of the future.

To dream that something is neat and tidy indicates that you need to get organized. You need to clear your mind and let go of the past. To see a nebula in your dream symbolizes an outburst of creative energy and possibilities.

It represents willpower, self-restriction and your need to control your feelings and keep them in check. Consider the familiar phrase, "don't stick your neck out" which serves as a warning against a situation. To dream that your neck is injured or sore indicates a separation between your heart and mind.

Daily Tarot Reading

There is a literal disconnect between how you feel and what you think. You are feeling conflicted. Alternatively, the dream represents something or someone, who is literally a pain in the neck.

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If you dream that your neck is thick or swollen, then it represents your quick temperedness. Neck Brace. To see or wear a neck brace in your dream implies that you are trying to reconnect your heart and mind. You are trying to rationalize your emotions.